Discretize firebrand


Mir ist bekannt, dass der aktuelle Patch vom Ich bin damit aufgewachsen, dass nach jedem Patch sich neue Meta's gebildet haben und denke das es in GW2 auch nicht anders ist? Daher die Frage an die Community:. Welche Klasse ist ArenaNets liebling?

Ganz ehrlich, dass gibt es immer.

discretize firebrand

Also das mit dem Balance ist ja immer so ne Sache. Was man aber sagen kann ist das man momentan theoretisch jede Klasse spielen kann und damit auch recht weit hoch kommt,wenn man sie gut spielt. Dann meistens ein Rev als Roamer und ein Krieger als 1vs1er. Bei der letzten Position besteht dann freie Wahl.

Am wenigsten sehe ich Ele und Mesmer momentan.

discretize firebrand

Was WvW angeht ist es schwierig Builds zu empfehlen. Dazu kommen Revs und Eles als Backline Dps. Vergessen darf man hier aber auch den Schrotter nicht der seit dem vorletzten Patch sehr stark als Supporter ist. Waldis und Diebe sind im Zergfight nicht gerne gesehen aber eignen sich super als Roaming Klasse. Welche Klasse es nach dem Patch am schlechtesten geht kann ich garnet so sagen.

Am Ende kann man trotzdem alle Klassen spielen. Anets Lieblingsklasse? Gemeinsam Erleben! Mit GW2-Account einloggen Registrieren en fr es de. April 25, in PvP. Ganz ehrlich, dass gibt es immer Freue mich sehr auf die Kommentare. April 25, Die Buildseiten sind eigentlich auch immer die gleichen und werden aktualisiert. Zum Kommentieren mit GW2-Account einloggen oder registrieren. You will be signed out in 60 seconds due to inactivity. Click here to continue using the site.

Folgt uns:. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Condi Firebrand

Alle Warenzeichen sind das Eigentum ihrer jeweiligen Besitzer. Datenschutzbestimmungen Rechtliche Informationen. Zum Anfang.Your tomes are by far your most important skills, they enable you to do great dps as well as support and heal your allies. One main downside of Condi Firebrand is that you lack CC Crowd Controlthis can be fixed by running and swapping to. Note that this build variant only gains boon duration from the. If you are unable to provide enough Quickness with that, please swap in your Mainhands for.

To keep up Quickness :. Tomes are very useful when no other skills are ready. Make sure to only press three times twice to throw the projectile and once to activate the skill initially or you will cancel a wasted cast! When is off cd you just repeat this rotation. Meta Builds. Power Holosmith. Power Dragonhunter. Condi Firebrand. Power Reaper. Heal Renegade. Power Tempest. Power Daredevil. Banner Warrior. Heal Firebrand. Condi Firebrand Offmeta Support Build.

March 28th Build Guide. Viper Balthazar. Sinister Balthazar. Grieving Balthazar. Viper Axe Earth. Viper Torch Bursting. Viper Scepter Earth. Greatsword for pulling adds in 99 CM.

[PvE] Quickbrand

A staff for Might pre-stacking. Radiance Zeal Firebrand. A 1, range teleport to an ally, useful for skips for teleporting to a spirit weapon. Can be used where Stability or stunbreak is needed. Deals additional defiance bar damage. A stationary reflect lasting for 10 seconds. General Tips. To keep up Quickness : Use whenever ready.

Use and but leave one charge left unless the fight is close to being over. Keep in mind that you can use only every seven seconds! Only use these skills close to your allies - try to "puke" on them with the mantras.Obviously the build should be slightly different in Fractals than the Raid build [qT] posted, and I've yet to see any satisfactory conversion Can anyone help me figure out a build and generally talk about how Firebrand plays out in Fractals?

In your eyes, what is lacking in qT's build that requires a unique conversion from Raids to Fractals? Never took my Firebrand in the fractals looks like I'll be doing it. You literally linked to 3 builds while claiming there's only one. Mainly taking into account 'Renewed Justice' procs, and maybe slightly more AoE than what Mantras would provide.

As for the "What build? Yes, it has 3 gear variants, but it's practically the same. So whenever Renewed Justice procs, prioritize switching back into Tome.

Hope this answered your question. It's 1 build Sadly, there is no easy way to acquire a Grieving set now. Does anyone knows how much DPS is lost compared to Grieving? I just need to learn to use the tome of justice more often and drop it before killing something.

What is strange is that some foes doesn't reset the tome of justice on kill from radiance. I got too bored with DH, but I still have a power set with infusions if I want to swap at least. That's not a new phenomenon, also happened to base virtues and DH ones. Haven't tested it in a while, but it's probably still enemies which don't grant experience on kill that also won't trigger the reset.

That was a pain in the old unliving story instances Any thoughts on Seraphs gear? I am thinking axe torch main, with either Staff, or Mace alt. Using Radiance, Virtues and the bottom line of Firebrand. Hard to get high lvl Fracts with FB. As someone not use to FB and wanting to look into it. Surely it looks to have damage, so just change a few ults and it should be good no?

A City of Heroes never die A City of Villains will never surrenderIt plays very similar to Power Dragonhunter with the addition of Firebrand mantras and tomes.

Thanks to those, the build is able to adapt to various situations with StabilityResistancereflects and pulls. Using to break defiance bars also increases your allies' power by for 10 seconds thanks to. Note that this build variant only gains boon duration from the. Check the gear optimizer for more gear variants! If you use you are lacking crit chance, therefore the assassins pieces.

You can of course mitigate this by increasing your agony resistance. It is not recommended to run unless you have multiple Guardian or another source of Retaliation. To keep up Quickness :. If the encounter allows you to, you can prestack the following symbols:. Tomes are very useful when no other skills are ready.

The following guide assumes you are playing with a decent group. In a PuG scenario it makes sense to replace the with consumables. Siax is a really short encounter that should be killed in about 40 seconds. Consider swapping to Dragonhunter : in combination with precast is enough to keep up Quickness. NOTE - you should help your Weaver on the north. Core Guardian can be very tricky as its dps is heavily influenced on how you can keep your Aegis.

If you are unable to keep your AegisDragonhunter will perform much better. Core Guardian allows you to have a free utility slot, which you can use for what is best for you strategy.

As Core Guardian you may run for lower cooldowns on sword and additional stat increase! Keep in mind that if your group is not fast enough, you need to use for Aegis. Rotation on Skorvald depends on whether your Renegade runsor.

If your Renegade runsyou can take. In all other cases take. If your renegade runsPrecast one at the start, Then use on each island and at the start of both phase 2 and 3. Be careful with what island you choose for your. Rotation on Artsariiv depends on whether your Renegade runsor. You can use Hypernova Launch to the middle.

If possible make sure you use Hypernova Launch to CC the adds. Meta Builds. Power Holosmith. Power Dragonhunter. Condi Firebrand. Power Reaper. Heal Renegade. Power Tempest. Power Daredevil. Banner Warrior.Does anyone else have issues with the metabattle builds? Of course, I mean after you have played it for a while and gotten to grips with the rotations and mechanics. I bring it up because I have spoken with other players that have had issues with the builds there and I've noticed that the reviews for WvW and sPvP builds tend to consist of just a few ratings at the bottom of the page.

The short story is that MB builds almost always need some tweaking to fit your needs. Builds that work fine for roaming solo aren't necessarily suited for 4-person havoc. Zerg-oriented builds depend on the zerg mostly PUGs? Plus, some people are good at self-canceling skills to get more efficient rotations, some are better at anticipating their foes, some good at active defense.

Don't assume that the build you borrow from MB is designed to work for you. For a variety of reasons, MetaBattle builds will never have all that many ratings, so don't worry about that.

The main thing to look at is whether the build has been validated by one of the curators. Builds tagged as "meta" always are. I believe that anything tagged a 'great' would also have been reviewed by a curator.

Curated builds have been vetted by experts, who would consider how much Ascended matters, the food, and other details. The curators look at what they see being discussed, what they recommend, what they see being used in game, and so on. For "meta", it's a little trickier, especially in WvW, because I don't think anyone really can say what the meta is.

Those are all "meta," but different. And even if none of that was true, your own playstyle matters more than most guides acknowledge. For example, most "experts" agree that the raid or fractal builds from SnowCrows or Discretize work great in open world and they dothey are designed to work in synergistic teams of 5, not solo play.

So a lot of people would be better off playing something less rigorous, for example GCE's infamous recommended Open World builds. And in WvW, your style matters more, because you need to be able to run your own build while dealing with someone running their own. In short: assume you need to tweak the builds on MB.

Make sure you pay attention with what the build is designed to do and how it accomplishes that. Add more durability or more DPS or more control, depending on how you roll. Hype is the path to the dark side. Hype leads to unfulfilled expectations. Disappointment leads to anger. Anger leads to disgust. Disgust leads to "oh, new shinies!

I'm back!

Guild Wars 2 Buildguides: Power Quickness Firebrand für PvE - Metabuild

I'm sorry, but when you say 'the more you are', what are you referring to? Thanks for the replies. If I start a new class one that I haven't played or played a long time ago say for instance engineer, I'll look at all of the "metas" read the playstyle portion and the comments.

This shows me more of less what the synergies are. Then I change stuff to suit my personal situation and playstyle. I hate staff, for me it's a no go, just personal preference.

So I change the build to suit another weapon and attempt to keep the synergies and even add more. Do the builds solidly rest on the premise of complete Ascended gear sets? A lot of stat optimization goes into gearing.

That said, you can still do a lot with exotic gear and a good knowledge of the skills and traits against someone with ascended who doesn't really know the build.I'm seriously looking at making the switch from Core Guard to Quickbrand.

But there seems to be so many others that look good. What about just using F2 Chap 3 for group swiftness? Is that better than putting F3 on cooldown to use Chap 1? Unfortunately, I think Tomes are the worst part of FB. Not because they aren't useful, but because I don't feel you have many play options with them.

For example, if you use F Same with F There might be situations where you want to play optimally and just use a single or couple skills, but in the end, that's not very many.

People used to complain about the illusion of choice I feel this is really what they mean If you think balancing is only driven by performance and justified by comparisons to other classes then prepare to be educated:.

There is a reason to use only one skill in tomes. Why waste time when you can get more damage when only using one and returning to weapon? Tome 1 : primarily damage tome, thus sees use most of the time in burn builds like quick brand. Yet still you can use Tome 1s skill 3 to pull enemies together while playing a support build. Do you want to stay in tome 1 for the entire duration? Depends on how much damage your group eats. While on a burn build, there are specific priorities in skills to use.

Tome 2, 4 and 5 take precedent over 1 and 3. Tome 2 : healing tome. Tome 2 cleanses, absolutely useless when no need for condition cleanse is required, can be used by non support builds though. Tome 3 is of little use in a meta where you already have those boons. Once again, there is a priority system in place, tome 4 and 5 should be cast before tome 1 to maximize its efficiency. There is no reason to use all 5 charges as dps if all you needed was some condi cleanse for example.

Tome 3 : the aegis and utility tome. Useful abilities like a reflect bubble on tome 3 once again of use to any buildaegis spam on 1, stability, aegis and protection on 5. Resistance on 4 and a taunt on 2. This tome especially can be used very differently depending on which situation calls for which utility. Most often people simply use skill 5, then spam skill 1 which is fine if aegis is all you wanted. Once again, if all you wanted was the reflect bubble or some stability, why linger when playing a dps.

Meta Builds

While face-rolling the skills certainly might work, tomes can be used efficiently and specifically aimed at achieving specific goals.

Using all the pages of a tome often only makes sense when this relates to the role you have in the group tome 1 as dps, tome 2 and 3 as supportand makes less sense when switching to a tome which does not lend its self to your role for short term utility. I'm not disagreeing you can play the tomes optimally, but their isn't much incentive to do so either, especially on F2. There isn't a 'bonus' to only using one skill within a tome and the individual skills don't have enough flavour to make them very interesting to play as separate skills.

Tomes are designed unintentionally to be used up.

discretize firebrand

There are priorities but you're still not just using a tome of just that one skill and leaving it. I mean, we have a trait that adds pagesI think it needs a nerf, or at least an adjustment to make others option viable again. Isn't it a shame to have only one option of healer? It kills the variety of the game, that makes it more boring than it was. Maybe its better to buff other supports, but the actual situation isn't great.

There are multiple options for healers, not just one. Meta builds are not the only effective or even viable builds you can use. I also play tempest healer in fractals when I am support, most of the time I play weaver dps. It works, but the fact is that it is by far less efficient than the FB. And that is the negative point.

The FB should be a fair choice of support. And it is the same for other supports. The impact in the game isn't that bad I said before I play tempest healer, and groups accept myselfbut this point can be improved.

FB are everywhere, other supports are quite rare, stats never lies. This is unbalanced somewhere. Diak Atoli. Chrono was gutted, and while Druid was shaved a bit, it didn't lose it's viability - it just stopped being the preferred healer.

In a 5 person group where you only have room for 2 supports and 3 DPS, you need those two supports to cover all the boons you used to get from Chrono Druid. Chrono can still provide Alacrity, but why work twice is as hard when you can just play Renegade. You'll note that Discretize shows Power Quickbrand as 'meta', not a Healbrand - for them Meta means no dedicated healer. Is Heal Scourge 'good' in T4s? It isn't bad. But without Firebrand we had no Quickness, Aegis or Resistance.

With no Renegade we had marginal Might stacks I think I was able to keep 10 stacks up? T4s are what they are, and the instabilities are what they are - they don't change. What makes the difference between a smooth run and a struggle is ultimately boon availability and uptime. So if I join a group with a Tempest or Scrapper healer, I'm not worried about heals or condi cleanse, I'm wondering where the Quickness is coming from unless Im on my Reaper, in which case I don't care either way. If someone chooses to swap to a Power Quickbrand or Condi Firebrand, great we have quickness now, but they would do 10K more DPS as a DH if we had a Healbrand there who could provide quickness instead.

Quickness and Alacrity are just too powerful. Chrono was gutted because they had everything in one package, and that pushed out other specs.

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